TView3D rotation center

How to get/set the rotation center coordinates for TView3D?

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Hi @Andr,

@couet should be the expert on this, but he will be back only next week.

What do you mean ? I do not think TView3D has a such concept.

Hello Olivier,

It does: by “rotation center” I mean the point around which the geometry is rotated using the mouse.
I am using now TView3D::SetRange method (the rotation center is the center of the provided range in x,y and z). Since not only the range affects the view, but also the window (TView3D::SetWindow), it is all somewhat confusing: e.g. the window (center and width/height) units are not clear. But I think I have managed.


What could also help, is there a way to configure the distance from the camera to the rotation center or the distance from the view window to the geometry?

Yes that point exist but I do not think you can change it.

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