TVector3 Default Constructors in Documentation

Hi all,

I just have a small comment about the documentation concerning TVector3. At the beginning, it says that the following work to initialize a TVector3:

TVector3 v1;        // v1 = (0,0,0) 
TVector3 v2(1);     // v2 = (1,0,0) 
TVector3 v3(1,2,3); // v3 = (1,2,3) 
TVector3 v4(v2);    // v4 = v2

However the second (v2) is no longer case. Default constructors for TVector3 were removed in 5.34/18. Would it be possible to remove that case from the documentation, since it is no longer true?

Also out of curiosity, the commit that did this dates back two years. How come the change only appeared in 5.34/18? 5.34/17 was released just two months ago, so long time after the commit was made.

Thanks to point that out. In fact that fixed has already been done in the source code on April 10.
But for some reason we are investigating now, the documention on the web has not been generated