TTree Help

Hello Everyone,

I have been working on a code to sort data for normalization purposes. What the code does is open a file with a tree in it.

Then the code fills a 2D histogram with some leaves from the tree. Using the histogram the user makes a graphical cut, which is subsequently named and stored, and then the user performs several more cuts in the same way. The point is when the user has finished making the cuts, we then make a final histogram with all of these cuts enforced, and then use the data from that histogram to perform our calculations.(In this way we are using histograms as a tool to select our events of interest)

The question is: Is there any way that I can access all of the tree information from those specific data points in my final histogram (ie if i have a branch with 5 leaves, and I end up with a 1d histo of 1 leaf, can I recover the other 4 leaf values for all of my data in the histo?)

(Note --> Everything in the code works, I just want to know if the other information is completely lost in my method)

May be using can be possibility ?

(may be you know already)