TStyle and Style Manager


When I do :

  1. h = new TH1F(“test”, “test”, 20, 0, 20)
  2. h->Draw() // here it opens a new window with the histo
  3. Then go to menu Edit->Styles… to open the Style manager
  4. Click on Apply without touching anything
    ==> The background of the histogram becomes white although I didn’t change anything.
    Why is that ?

Moreover, I can see in the Edit panel of the Style Manager that all the Fill colors are set to white which is wrong. My title’s fill color is clearly greyich. Aren’t the values put into the fields taken from what is actually in use ?



I see that. I have no answer right now. I will investigate.

Ok, thanks !

This is now fixed in the SVN trunk. Thanks to have reported it.