TSpline3 Error Message: Eval() "Binary Search Failed"

Dear all,
I am using TSpline3 interpolation for my work. I have a set of 50 data points (x_i ,y_i). I have to pass x as the argument of Eval() to evaluate the value of y at x (say, intermediate to x_k and x_k+1). I shall also have to find 1st and second derivatives at x.

Sometimes, I get the error message Eval() “Binary Search Failed”. I suspect that this happens when the argument x goes beyond the provided set of data points [x_min, x_max]. In that case, I wish to stop processing this event and proceed to the next event.

Unfortunately, when this message comes, it appears to be in an infinite loop and nothing more can be done except using Ctrl+C.

Can anyone please tell me how to get rid of this problem?