TSpectrum:: a problem

I am trying to use TSpectrum::Search () function in a .cc code
I added the TSpectrum.h, but when I run it, it says undefined reference to TSpectrum::TSpectrum()
Should I add another library? And if so how?

Many Thanks


Did you link with libSpectrum ?


[quote=“brun”]Did you link with libSpectrum ?


No, because I don’t know how to link it.
Actually I am running a shell program and inside it, it runs a .py code with cmsRun, and inside the py program it runs the .cc code
so How can I link it?

[quote]and inside the py program it runs the .cc code [/quote]How do you run the .cc code in the py program?

[quote]so How can I link it?[/quote]It is not very clear how you ‘run’ things (you may want to request advise from the group supporting cmsRun), but it is likely that just executinggSystem->Load("libSpectrum");will solve the problem.