Trying to understand graphics in root :-)

Hi All,

I have a quite hard time to understand how graphics work in root. Eventhough I use it for years now and even wrote GUIs with it I run into basic problems which I do not understand.

So I thought I read through the graphics chapter and start from the very basics.
So, for my understanding could someone please look at the following plots:

Plot “withMargin.jpg”: canvas divided into 6 subcanvases and obviously a gab between them.
Plot “withOutMargin.jpg”: the root manual says one can use TCanvas::Divide(2,3,0.,0.) where the last two numbers define how big this gap is

Now, naively I thought with 0., 0. the gap vanishes - and so it does - but so does everything but the plain histogram … axis title - gone, label - gone, …

I do not at all understand how root treats margins and borders aso. I tell it to have 0. gap between pads and everything disappears but the plain histogram … so it seems some margins inside the pad have changes now as well …

I remember in the short and long ago times when I used PAW there was one big plot explaining all margins and varibles for font offsets aso. does something like that exist for root?


The plot you are looking for is here:

Thanks a lot!

Yes that was what I was looking for!!!