Trying to build ROOT-ified library

ROOT Version: 6.26/10

I get the following error when loading the library using

root [0] gSystem->Load("")
cling::DynamicLibraryManager::loadLibrary(): /path/to/DummyLib/install/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZN4ROOT20GenerateInitInstanceEPK6SClass

CMakeLists.txt (1.5 KB)
SClass.h (431 Bytes)
SClass.cxx (145 Bytes)

I have another file SClass_LinkDef.h but I cannot attach it. It contains the following:

#ifdef __CINT__
#pragma link C++ class SClass+;

Do you know what can be the source of the error?


Ok, I was not adding the dictionary to the target

It was enough to add

target_sources(Dummy PRIVATE CustomClassesDict.cxx)
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