Troubles with Minuit2

Dear Rooters,

I’m trying to use Minuit2 to fit a dataset with a user defined function. But first, I’m trying to understand how it works by using the complete example of the user guide found here : … te-example

I have some troubles to make it compile, has there been some modifications in Minuit2 since the release of this example ? The code does not find the following files :

I’m trying to run the attached code. And do I have to add “ROOT::Minuit2::” in front of each function of Minuit2 that I want do use ?

Thanks for your help,
TestMinuit_small.cpp (4.05 KB)


Yes, there have been some changes in Minuit2 and the User guide needs to be updated. Sorry for this.
You can find the updated running examples in the test/MnSim directory of Minuit2. … test/MnSim
For example

DemoGaussSim, … ussSim.cxx

Best Regards