Trouble with TFitResultPtr::GetCovarianceMatrix

Hi Rooters,

I have a fitting routine where I am computing an integral error using the fit covariance matrix, following the example in … egralError. My code is:

TFitResultPtr fit = h1->Fit(fyAll,"QIROMES");
TMatrixDSym cov = fit->GetCovarianceMatrix();
T2_int_err = frT2->IntegralError(0.0,tCyc,par,cov.GetMatrixArray());

where frT2 is another function, having the same signature and parameters as the fitting function fyAll.

This has worked perfectly in the past, but I have made a lot of changes to fyAll recently. Now I am getting T2_int_err = 0. If I print the components of cov.GetMatrixArray() immediately after defining cov, I get all zeros there as well. However, I get believable non-zero values for the covariance matrix from the fit->Print(“V”) command.

I tried using IntegralError without passing it par and cov, which I believe should also work as I only do one fit, and got the same problem of 0 errors. I constructed a test code using a much simpler (gaussian) function regressing on a randomly generated histogram, and there the problem does not appear: I can print non-zero cov components and get the IntegralError. So it doesn’t seem to be a problem with ROOT.

So I am now trying to understand what I might have done within fyAll to make cov show all 0’s. If anyone has any insight it would be much appreciated!

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Here is the yAll function in case it helps:

[code]Double_t BFitNamespace::yAll(Double_t *t, Double_t *a) {
using namespace BFitNamespace;
// Global variables that are constant throughout the fit
extern char parNames[30][5];
extern BFitCase_t stBFitCases[FILE_ROWS_BFit];
extern Int_t iBFitCaseIndex, nPars;
extern Double_t iota, t1, t2, t3;
// Global variables that depend only on the parameters
extern Int_t nParChanges; // counts # of times pars have changed
extern Double_t *lastPar; // holds most recent paramter values for comparison
// Global variables that depend on t
extern Double_t T1val, T2val, T3val, U1val, U2val, U3val, V1val, V2val, V3val, W1val, W2val, W3val, Z1val, Z2val, Z3val, X2val, X3val, Y2val, Y3val;
// Local variables
static Double_t f;
static Int_t index; // index of parameter array

// When parameters change:
if (!CompareParArrays(a,lastPar,sizeof(Double_t),iota)) {
	// Print updated paramters
	printf("New pars (%4d): ",nParChanges);
	for (index = 0; index < nPars; index++) {
		if (stBFitCases[iBFitCaseIndex].pbToggle[index]) printf("%s=%.4e ",parNames[index],a[index]);
return yDC(t,a) + yT1(t,a) + yT2(t,a) + yT3(t,a) + a[epsU]*(yU1(t,a) + yU2(t,a) + yU3(t,a));

Any advice is most appreciated! Thanks,



Did you check that the status returned from the fit is zero (fit->Status() ) ? It could be the covariance matrix has not been computed due to convergence problems.
Otherwise I would need a running script to examine your problem

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Hi Lorenzo,

Thanks for your reply.

With the code as shown above, I get:
fit->Status() returns 4000
fit->CovMatrixStatus returns 1
Output of this is attached with option string “QIROMES” in the filename.

If I remove the ‘M’ option, I get
fit->Status() returns 0
fit->CovMatrixStatus returns 3
Output of this is attached with option string “QIROES” in the filename.

Guide to the output files:
– Confirmation of options on line 28.
– Manually printed covariance matrix elements, starting line 235.
– Fitter-reported covariance matrix , starting line 274.
– IntegralError values, starting line 292 (all 0.0000’s).

I have found what the CovMatrixStatus codes mean, but I have yet to locate the minimizer status codes. Could you point me in the right direction?

I have learned that I was wrong in my initial post when I said cov.GetMatrixArray() gave me an array of zeros. Now that I have corrected how I handle the array, it has the right data in it. Nevertheless I don’t see what the problem is. I am running Root 5.32.03, by the way.

The files for the program are available here: … sp=sharing.

BMC_0005_QIROMES.txt (16 KB)
BMC_0005_QIROES.txt (15.6 KB)