Trouble installing ROOT 6.30

I’m trying to install ROOT from source, while compilling it I got an error at 2% Performing build step for ‘DAVIX’ and I don’t know how to fix it

ROOT Version: 6.30.02
Platform: Debian12 VM
Compiler: Cmake (I’m not sure if it’s really that)

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On the screen shot you posted we cannot the cmake command you used. Can you tell us ?

I used cmake …
then make

A possible (simple) way is:

git clone root
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../root
make -j8
source bin/

I’m going to try that

Dear @Lucas_S ,

More information about the error is contained in the log files as reported on your initial screenshot, go to the DAVIX-stamp folder and see what errors are reported in the files there.


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