Triangle left or right TMarker

I would like to use a TMarker that is a “triangle left” and a “triangle right”.
In ROOT: TAttMarker Class Reference, I only see “triangle up” or “triangle down”.
Could two additional marker styles be implemented?
Or is there a way to rotate 90 degs the already existing up triangle?
Thanks in advance!

ROOT 6.28/04

There is no way to rotate le markers, and, anyway, these asymmetric markers are not good to plot data. See ROOT: tutorials/graphics/markerwarning.C File Reference

Thanks for the reply!
I do not want to plot data but to draw a filled triangle in a canvas. Is there an alternative to do this?
Or could a new TMarker type be added to the list or is it very hard to implement?
Best regards!

The alternative is to write a small function drawing a trianglr. That’s trivial, or draw an arrow with a length of 0. Adding a marker is more painful because ti should be added to all graphics backend: X11, Cocoa, PS, PDF, PNG, Jsroot etc … and this for an assymetric marker which is not recommended to use :frowning:

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