TRatioPlot of Two TEfficiency Objects


If I want to make a TRatioPlot of two TEfficiency objects (I want to see how a TEfficiency from two different runs compare to each other), is there an easy way to do this?

It seems like for each TEfficiency object I would need to use TEfficiency::CreateGraph() to get the TGraphAsymmErrors object, then do some small routine to copy the information in each TGraphAsymmErrors object to a TH1 object, and then from the two resulting TH1 objects make a TRatioPlot. However, this should fail as “histograms with asymmetric errors are not supported” (as of 2002 at least).

Is there a known (and efficient) way to accomplish this?

TRatioPlot takes two TH1 as parameters. You should make sure have such objects when you create a TRatioPlot.

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