TRatioPlot: Legend with some entries filled, but one as a "p"


I am trying to produce a TRatioPlot between a THStack and TH1F (THStack: MC, TH1F: data). The TH1F is plotted as points, the Stack is a set of filled histograms.

I can make a plot like this:

  auto rp = new TRatioPlot(Eh, data_plot_E);
  rp->GetXaxis()->SetTitle("E_{h} [GeV]");
  rp->GetUpperRefYaxis()->SetTitle("Entries per X GeV");
  TPad *p = rp->GetUpperPad();
  auto leg = p->BuildLegend(0.1,0.7,0.48,0.9, "","f");
  p->Modified(); p->Update();

You will see that I tried adding the data separately which does work, but then I also have an additoinal “data” label in the legend which is an unfilled rectangle. What I want is all the THStack to be filled by the colours (which is working) and the data to be plotted as “p” in the legend. I tried building a TLegend and adding individual entires but it would not plot it (no errors just didnt appear on the plot when drawn)

Please can you help

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You macro is not complete and can’t be run. Can you post a running example reproducing your problem ?

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