Transparent histogram

Dear all,
i searched in the forum and manual for transparent fill style for histograms
In the manual (v4.04) it seems that transparent fill style applies also for histograms but in practice this is not true.
I read in other post that this property applies only for window (i.e. the pad), right ? If it’s so, why not also implement it for histogram ? Or is there another simple way to obtain the same result ?

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The complete and up to date description of the fill styles and fill patterns is given here:
All the hatches and patterns shown on the bottom picture on that page are transparents.

Thanks for your replay, i looked at you link and tried different combinations
of patterns and hatches with different colors, but the result is not what i was thinking,
I would like to have transparent color not transparent patterns.
Something like attached figure.
Is this possible or foreseen ?

histo.pdf (22.5 KB)

Read carefuly the page I sent you. Transparent colors are for pad only.

ok so i change the question:
transparent color for histogram will be implemented in the furure ?
If no, why ?


The technique used for the pad apply on the screen only. If you save a such plot in PDF or PostScript file the transparency will be lost. So that’s fairly limited. But I agree we can surely investigate a bit further. There was simply no urgent request for that until now.

Of course, i understand it’s not a urgent feature.
The point is that if you imagine to compare different distributions on the same plot, using different patterns and hatches get a little bit confused the whole image (at least for me). A transparent fill in this case can, maybe, bring more clarity to the result.

Thanks for discussion,

P.S. … more than 200 people had a look here only in 1 day, so surely it’s a interesting feature :slight_smile:

I agree with you. But if there is not way to render this transparency in PDF and PostScript it is useless. I will investigate a bit more.