Transparency in Eve

Dear rooters,
I have problem with saving pictures from event display.
My picture it looks like this:

I would like to have something like this in poster. However I cannot save this picture - I mean there is option of saving as png/jpg but resolution is to low. When I try to use pdf/eps I get white background and no transparency of detectors (so I don’t see tracks inside of detector).
Is there any way of getting high resolution of image (e.g. in vector graphics) that looks like in screen without some “hardcore” tricks like messing inside ROOT or using 4K screen?

@matevz may know the answer.


Yes, TGLViewer can save scaled up images … let me check if there is a GUI interface for this … nope … apparently I remembered it from CMS Fireworks.

So, you have to get TGLViewer pointer into cint … from Eve list tree widget you right-click on the selected viewer under Viewers, teh select “Export to CINT” and type a variable name, say, “xxx”. Then:

root [2] xxx
(TEveViewer *) 0x64b05a0
root [3] xxx->GetGLViewer()->SavePictureScale(
Bool_t SavePictureScale(const TString& fileName, Float_t scale, Bool_t pixel_object_scale = kTRUE)
root [3] xxx->GetGLViewer()->SavePictureScale("pepe.png", 3)
(bool) true

so you can either call this or SavePictureWidth/Height() if you want a fixed width or height … the other dimension will be scaled to the same proportions as the viewer window.

The maximum you can go to is 8192x8192, depending on the FBO support in your GL driver.


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It works, thank you.

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