TPythia not included in HomeBrew distribution

How can one retrieve TPythia and associated includes and libraries with the homebrew distribution?
I use cmake to build root applications and libraries.



Root version 6.22/06
Mac OS 11.2.3

Hi @cpruneau ,
the homebrew formula is not maintained by the ROOT team but by helpful contributors from the community. Maybe @henryiii has an idea or knows who does :slight_smile:


OK Thanks

If you can use them separately, then there shouldn’t be a problem, you can build Pythia then include it - I do that at least one place somewhere. If you want the built-in Pythia support flag for ROOT, that would require recompiling ROOT and adding a Pythia formula to Homebrew. The easiest way to get it would likely be to use Conda and conda-forge instead, where we explicitly do provide Pythia support, IIRC (I remember there being a little chicken-and-egg problem, because Pythia can include ROOT and ROOT can include Pythia).

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Thanks – I will try Conda then.

Okay, great. Here’s proof we do include it: root-feedstock/ at 093cd1cbee2ab8fd7fab62ea5d6bd79b5789c9c8 · conda-forge/root-feedstock · GitHub :slight_smile:

Thanks for indirectly reminding me I needed to bump ROOT in homebrew to 6.22.08. :slight_smile: I’ve been trying to wait till it shows up on since at least one patch was “pulled” after the GitHub release (which I follow) but before the publishing (which I assume there is not an RSS feed or simliar for following).

I think there is a mailing list for official release announcements (it’s true that the git tag is not as official as the official announcement) – @Axel ?

For major releases you can follow the RSS feed of but a) you’ll get blog posts mixed in (might be a plus) and b) I am not sure patch releases will appear.

Thanks for answering.
Sorry to be dense… but I do not find it under /usr/loca/lCellar/root where Homebrew has installed root and dependencies. I am able to use root stand alone and do all kinds of good stuff, but I wish to integrate TPythia8. I managed to do this a while back but Apple keeps changing everything… argh.


Are you specifically looking for the integration (which just adds a ROOTified class, TPythia, IIRC)? Otherwise, it should be simple to just download Pythia, build (it should find ROOT at /usr/local), and then include wherever you install Pythia too (/opt/pythia8 is where I tend to put it), and it should be fine. You just don’t get the ROOTified Pythia class, but all the normal stuff works fine.

I have PYTHIA installed and I can run it stand alone fine. But I prefer integrating it in root via the TPYHIA calls – this way I can run PYTHIA event generation and analyze the events on the fly with my own root classes in a root executable that I build myself using cmake.

Well, if you want to use homebrew, you would need to add a Pythia8 formula, get that merged, and then update the ROOT formula to use it. It’s doable, I even started it just to see what would be required, but would need a little bit of work that would be best done with someone who uses Pythia more regularly than me or a contributor (I could bug someone like Philip Ilten, I suppose). Specifically: what options would be best to enable, what’s the best way to test it (I check importability from Python in conda-forge), and what dependencies should it have. It also hopefully supports M1’s, because I’m currently updating the ROOT formula for Apple Silicon.

Btw, ROOT | Releases is the release RSS feed.

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