TProfile2D Projection X and Y (Question)

Hello my dear ROOTers,

I need some clarification on TProfile2D::ProjectionX and ProjectionY question.

I do understand that plotting a TProfile2D, I would have the mean along Z-axis with the Root Mean Square along X and Y axis. For example, when doing ProjectionX, the description says that it projects this Profile histogram along X axis and it is type of TH1D. My question is, for TProfile2D when projecting X axis using ProjectionX(), the new projected TH1D would have X-axis to be the same X-axis bin from original TProfile2D, and is the Y-axis in this new projected TH1D the Z-axis (mean value) of the TProfile2D?

I hope I made myself clear, I am sorry for poor english expression.

Thank you

May be you can post a little example showing what you are doing ?