TPolyLine3D updating

As in other recent posts, I am still going after an event visualization with root. I have some simple methods to draw geometry which approximates a detector, but now I have come to the issue of updating.

I use the ->Draw(); method for all of my objects, which basically amount to TPolyLines. I realize that when I draw again two features emerge:

  1. I do not know of a way to “wait” between draws so that the previous event can be seen for a few seconds before the next one is viewed (maybe even want to wait for user input).

  2. It seems that ->Draw(); may not be the most appropriate way to refresh, since the whole canvas seems to redraw when I refresh one object. Is there a better way? For the moment very little is changing, mostly colors.

Overall, what I am looking for here is the right way to visualize events in a way which I can build on. Using simple TPolyLine3D primitive objects for the detector drawing is a bit awkward, so I am open to changing this as well.


I have included some code which is very inefficient at the moment, but gets across the basic point perhaps.
displayEv256Setup.C (7.83 KB)

Seems to me you are not taking the right path to visualize event and detector. Have a look at: