TParallelCoord questions/problems


It would be wonderful if anyone let me know the command for drawing the figure horizontally, more specifically the candle graph. Also if there is any father development or documentation.


This is done via:

TParallelCoord::SetVertDisplay(Bool_t vert)

The doc is here:

Thanks a lot. Sorry for bothering you again. But it is possible to plot one set of data, one boxplot and its histogram. Root return me an error every time I try to plot one data set.

Right now it does not work… That’s a bit strange to use the parallel coordinates for one variable only as it is meant to be used for multiple variable data sets, typically > 5 … if you want an histogram why don’t you simply plot it the normal way ? … unless only one single candle plot is useful for you. That is a kind of miss usage of the functionality… but why not … :frowning: I will look why it behaves that way.

Dear Olivier,

For certain reasons I would like to come back to my first question:
Is there a way to display axes labels vertically?

On the “ROOT Graphics Workshop” page you mention for TParallelCoord:
Give the possibility to change attributes of the various text displayed by the TParallelCoord.

Best regards

These changes have not been done yet. They are on the “To Do” list.

OK, I am looking forward to your solution.