TPalette editor improvement?

Hi Rooters

I have a 2D histogram (TH2D) that I draw with the option “colz” to have a color palette. What I would like to do, is to change the range, labels, font size, title, title offset of the palette, but the Palette editor doesn’t allow me to do that. All those traits belong in fact to the z-axis of the 2D histogram as we can see when we draw the histogram using for instance “lego2z”, change some z-axis properties (axis offset, font size…) and switch back to a 2D representation (“colz” for instance). The palette properties has changed, according to the z-axis properties.

So here is a suggestion : is it possible to have a TPalette Editor that embed an TAxis Editor (the z-axis)? That way, no need to switch back and forth between 2D and 3D representation.


right now TPaletteAxis does not have any specific editor All you can do is: