TPad::Print() Different Look for eps and png: Thick lines

Hello Root Supporters.
I could not find an answer to this question in search…

Ok, I have a nice Canvas and want to print it as eps/pdf and png.
The Ouput on the screen is like the png but the eps and pdf files have thick thick lines and also the markers are bigger.

Putting these plots in a latex file gives then different looks.

I attached on running script which produces an eps and a png file.

Is this a general root issue or related to my postscript settings somehhow…?

Thank a lot for you help,
test.C (22.4 KB)

I think you may use some old version of ROOt. With the latest one I get a nice output as EPS very similar to png.

Salut Olivier,

I have
ROOT 5.24/00b (tags/v5-24-00b@30662, Oct 11 2009, 22:40:07 on linuxx8664gcc)

Ok, if the problem reappears at 5.27 I will change :slight_smile:

Thank you.