TObject hierarchy in TCanvas

I have been working to a GUI that displays N histograms and allows to click on any of them to pop-up a new canvas with a clone (I modified a version of the exec3.C macro to perform the task - see attached). The (redundant) attached code works as expected when clicking around the TFrame (i.e. TPad available area). This is also my problem. The graphical stack for the subpad is TPad (background) and then TFrame, TH1 etc.
Is there a way to have a different hierarchy where TPad is above all the other TObject? In this way I can click in any part of the subpad instead of only around the TFrame.


exec3_mod.C (1.5 KB)

ROOT Version: 6.10.02
Platform: Debian 8
Compiler: Not Provided

No. Tpad is a container. the object are in the pad.

Yeah I feared so. Thanks for the answer.

@couet Can’t another TPad be put ‘over’ everything?

Yes but then it will hide the one behind and the objects in the hidden pad will be impossible to pick.

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