TMVA output curves


when the tmva finishes the training phase and the gui pops up, the graphs that it prints have some problems. For example there are missing words from the legend of the graph (that explains each curve). Does anyone know how to fix it?


May be a reproducer will help to understand your problem …

excuse me but what do you mean?

Sorry I was unclear. I meant that to understand what is going wrong a little macro reproducing the problem will be useful. Can you provide one ?

yes I attach one image that shows the output of the tmva. this happens for every graph that I can make with the tmva gui.

thank you in advance


I’ve never seen this. The TMVAGui usually outputs some debug info, for example the names of the trained methods. Im my case, I’ve trained a method called “BDTG”, so I see:

--- Found 1 classifier types
--- Found 1 instance(s) of the method Method_BDTG

Do you see anything like that on your screen when creating the ROC curve?

What parameters do you pass to BookMethod, in particular did you enter a title?

— Found 2 classifier types
— Found 2 instance(s) of the method Method_Cuts
— Found 2 instance(s) of the method Method_BDT

But the thing is that sometimes the names appear and sometimes not…I don’t have to give any names to anything because as expected it’s the names of the classification methods…

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