TMVA: -1 cut definition

Hi everybody!

I am currently using TMVA for my analysis and would like to know what does this ncuts=-1 stands for when booking a method.
In my case, I use boosted decision trees, I can easily get the meaning of a ncuts=N , but not the option -1 . I have been reviewing the TMVA manual, but could not find a proper definition.

Do you also know in which case, this option should be preferred?

Thanks for your help,

Can you be more precise ? which method are you talking about ?

For example with boosted decision trees:

                    factory->BookMethod( TMVA::Types::kBDT, "BDT","!H:!V:NTrees=850:MinNodeSize=2.5%:MaxDepth=10:BoostType=AdaBoost:AdaBoostBeta=0.5:UseBaggedBoost:BaggedSampleFraction=0.5:SeparationType=GiniIndex:nCuts=-1" );

here the last argument of the method.