TMultiGraph and Draw

Hello, in TMultiGraph::Draw doc, it is written that “Options to draw a graph are described in TGraph::PaintGraph”. Yet, if I click on the link to TGraph::PaintGraph, I see that the documentation is rather empty. Does it point to the correct stuff or does the documentation of this function is still in progress?

It should point to
The class TGraphPainter was implemented after TMultiGraph I will change that.


I do not see any change in the text of TMultiGraph::Draw. It still refers to TGraph::PaintGraph. Is it normal?

Yes, the doc is not rebuild each time a change is done. Note that is you go on the top of the TMultigraph page you will get the correct reference.

Ah ok, thanks. :smiley:
Still a question, in the first example given in TMultiGraph (on the top), I see that a lot of option are given to Draw

If I read the TGraphPainter doc, I do not find any information about “d” option. Sorry, if I do not read correctly. Probably it is not a “d” option but a “l3d” option but there is also nothing about this option. Am I right?

It is documented here:

the example shows it by himself…it is the 3D option … and L is for “line”… as for any other graph.