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I noticed that the TMatrixD class lacks the nice Doxygen-based documentation in the reference guide (or at least I cannot find such documentation for TMatrixD). There is of course a nice overview of matrices (ROOT: Matrix Linear Algebra) but while the subtopics on the lefthand side of that page include things like TMatrixDEigen and TMatrixT, I don’t see TMatrixD. Searching for it within the Reference Guide also doesn’t yield a dedicated page.

A quick Google search for “TMatrixD” yields a set of older (non-Doxygen) documentation pages, such as this one from 2004. I assume that such a page isn’t integrated into the current Reference Guide as TMatrixD (and TMatrixF) are both special “versions” of the templated TMatrixT (as defined here and here). Might be helpful to include some mention of this at the top of the TMatrixT documentation, for anyone searching for TMatrixD documentation?

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I let @moneta comment on it and decide what to do.


Thank you for your feedback.
I agree we need to improve the documentation for TMatrix. We need to fix this:

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@moneta @couet should we put this in a GitHub issue?

Lorenzo did it already : Improve TMatrix reference documentation · Issue #7845 · root-project/root · GitHub


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