I am trying to have 3D Box Marker with different color. I can change the color of line but not surface. SetFillColor does’t do what I need so I was wondering if there is any other command that does that. I could find an example of boxes with the same color here: … ics?page=1 but I couldn’t find any script.

Thanks for your time.

Ok, I found that I can use TH3F to create the figure in the last link. I was wondering if I could use different color instead of size of box to present amplitude/frequency.

like the option COL but in 3D ?

We do not have such an option. But if you have equal size boxes, you will not be able to see anything “inside”.
Transparency does not help much - it is really difficult to understand anything when you have a pile of overlapping transparent boxes, or this will require some
"transfer function" to set more/less transparent boxes (and in TH3 we do not have any interface to specify transfer function).

Yes. An option like col for 3D. We could have a sense of depth if the size of boxes (same) and angle view adjusted properly, so the only thing which is left is the density/frequency which can be taken care by color. That of course works well for small number of data points (555 for example).