TMarker linewidth question


I would like to make the line of the open marker symbols thicker.

I tried to follow the inheritance tree to see what to set to affect how its drawn and I ended up at


Where (in the version of root I use v4.00.04) :

 void TPostScript::DrawPolyMarker(Int_t n, Float_t *x, Float_t *y)
   // Draw markers at the n WC points x, y

   Int_t i, np, markerstyle;
   Float_t markersize;
   static char chtemp[10];
   Style_t linestylesav = fLineStyle;
   Width_t linewidthsav = fLineWidth;
   markerstyle = abs(fMarkerStyle);

The line width seems to be hard-coded. Is there a way around this in this or any root version?

I may have just missed where to set it.



You are right, there is no way to make the “line width” thicker for markers. The markers have there own attributes and the line witdth is not one of them. Moreover, for efficiency reasons, markers are drawn as bitmaps on many systems. It is in our plans to have user’s defined markers. This idea was initiate by the fact many users find the marker list too short and want to have more. It will allow the user to describe his own markers using lines, polygons etc. In that case you would be able to use a thicker line width.