TList error when exiting


I’m recently trying to use ROOT v6.12.06
and I keep getting the following message when exiting from ROOT prompt.

Error in TList::Clear: A list is accessing an object (0x3f09090) already deleted (list name = TList)

The file I worked with the session is just a basic ROOT file having only one TTree.

In most cases the error is just fine since it comes out when quitting the session.
But it makes problem when I’m submitting batch jobs into the clusters.
Not always, but sometimes the jobs halt when it’s there.

Any idea?

Thank you,

Can you post a small macro reproducing the problem ?

Hi. Thanks for the reply.

I’ll try my best to generate one.
First I thought it’s from FairRoot package.
But it occurred while I’m using ROOT file with a TTree and Double_t variable branches.
At that time I just used Draw() and ProfileX(), ProfileY() with selections and TCanvas() and TF1().
So it was nothing to do with FairRoot at that time…

I really don’t know why that happens, but it occurs during the normal use, I’ll report it.

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