TLegend SetFillColor when saving from TCanvas


The original SetFillColors for TLegend is not saved properly when I save the figure from a TCanvas.


This doesn’t save the original TLegend SetFillColors. Most likely it saves the first entry’s style for all following entries.

Thanks for any suggestions.


I assume all the experts are on holidays :unamused:

Post a script showing/explaining your problem.


Hi Rene,

Sorry for such a late reply. I should change the settings to get replies to my email-inbox for my posts.

I get orig.png(attached) through a macro and save the canvas as test.C (attached). Running ‘test.C’ I don’t get the orig.png back, rather I get test.png(attached). I hope I explained it clearly.

Thanks for any suggestion.


test.C (21.6 KB)

You posted the result of SaveAs(“test.C”).
It would be more useful to have the original macro, or a reduced version of it, reproducing the problem.