TLegend not displaying entries but entries are in dump of TLegend and list of primitives

Dear experts,

My TLegend entries do not seem to appear even though printing the TLegend shows that it has entries (also entries are shown when I print the primitives of the canvas after drawing all objects and right before printing to file):

What does this behaviour suggest?

Interestingly, when I remove one of the histograms and its TLegend entry and plot something else in its place, I get the legend entries to show, for example:

(yes, it’s a different plot, but the legend shows in every plot)

This seems to suggest there is a bug or mistake in how I use TLegend. But I cannot find it. So I ask: what does this behaviour suggest? I tried enlarging the TLegend, changing its position, and making sure all the characters in the TLegend entry labels are allowed.


Can you provide a small macro reproducing the problem ?

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