TLegend entry with marker and error

Dear all,

I try to add an entry to a legend with both marker and error (line also but it does not really matter for my


My problem is that the vertical error appearing in the error is tiny, so tiny that I almost cannot see it.
It is (almost) totally covered by the marker.

I do not want to give up the marker and I do not want to reduce the size of the marker.

Is there anyway to increase the error bar in the legend?

Thank you very much in advance,

In the example given here:
It is ok.
Does this macro give you the same plot when you run it with your root version on your machine ?

Sorry for not reacting faster, thank you very much for your answer.

Yes, I get the same as you, but even in that example the error bar is very small.

In my example is barely larger than the marker, and I was asked to do it more visible. Is there any way?

Send a small macro reproducing your problem and I will check.