TLatex: Invisible bracket ("Operators "#left" and "#right" don't match")

In LaTeX there is a useful feature called invisible brackets which you use e.g. if you want to have a vertical line after a fraction spanning over the full height without the need to have also the corresponding vertical line before the fraction:
The trick is the “\left.” It looks like this:

In TLatex and TMathText, this is unfortunately not possible. Running

TLatex * l1 = new TLatex(0.2,0.5,"#left.#frac{1}{2}#right|_{subscript}");

results in

*ERROR: Operators “#left” and “#right” don’t match !

Would it be possible to have this feature in ROOT?

This feature does not exist in TLatex or TMathText. Both implement a subset of the real Latex. This feature is not part of those. Some other way should be used to get that result.

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