TLatex #commands

Hi, I have a simple problem, using a TLatex I try to do something like

but then that actual string appears on my canvas. I read that the “text precision” has to be properly set, so I checked and tl.GetTextFont() returns 62 (precision = 2). I also have the size as tl.SetTextSize(0.1) which looks reasonably sized (not tiny). What am I doing wrong with TLatex here?

I’m using ROOT v5.34/04 and PyROOT.


TLatex inherits from TText. The method DrawTextNDC is a TText method which does not interpret the TLatex commands. Do:


Shouldn’t TLatex then have its own DrawTextNDC method which works properly? It has its own Draw method after all.

Yes, that could be done.

DrawLatexNDC is now implemented in 534 and trunk.