Title, axis label size

how to change title and axis labeling of plot. i tried all commands in macro but it give me no affect? what should i do? kindly answer me some one urgently. thanks in advance

In the canvas, click on -> view -> editor, you will see an editing panel on the left side, then click on the title, axis whatever you want to change on the canvas/histogram, you can change those things from the left panel.

If you want to work on macro coding, then you need to get what you would like to change, e.g.
it will name the x axis as years. For more details, you can check histogram TH1F, Th2D etc classes …

I am not an expert but hope it works!!!

Once you have done interactive editing on the canvas you can then save it as a .C file and you will see the corresponding command to be used in a macro.

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