Tiny feature when drawing axis at top and right


there is a tiny feature when doing
histogram->Draw(“same axis X+ Y+”);

there are tiny gray points at the top and right axis, exactly at the position of the corresponding numerical values of the standard axis. So for example, we see some gray markers at coordinates :
on the top : (0,60), (0.5, 60), (1.0, 60), etc.
and on the right : (2.5+epsilon, 0), 2.5+epsilon, 10), etc.

How to fix that feature ?

thank you

(version of root used : ROOT 6.08/06 )

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I tried to simulate this effect with 6.12 with the following macro:

   TH1F *h1st = new TH1F("h1st","test hstack",100,-4,4);
   TH1F *h2st = new TH1F("h2st","test hstack",100,-4,4);
   h2st->Draw("same axis X+");

But for me it is ok. I do not see the grey points.

Thank you,
unfortunately, it seems that this version is not installed to lxplus.
I tried with the official root used for ATLAS : v6-08-06

Could you reproduce the problem with this version ?
For your example code, see at the top x_axis we see strange tiny gray points.

If you could reproduce it, would you know when this bug was fixed ?

thank you


Actually I can reproduce it with 6.08 when I run the macro in batch mode and save the canvas as a png file. When I save it as a pdf file it do not see the grey dots. I do not see them on screen either. When I do the same with the master or with 6.12, I do not see the grey dots in the png nor in the pdf or on screen. So it seems it was fixed at some point.

thank you Olivier. Ok, so I will move to root 6.12. The ticket could be closed (I don’t if I could).
Kind regards

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