I have root 5.34/20

from the reference guide in a root web page I can see many methods to get time in a different
Double_t AsDouble() const
Double_t AsGAST(Double_t UT1Offset = 0) const
Double_t AsGMST(Double_t UT1Offset = 0) const
Double_t AsJulianDate() const
Double_t AsLAST(Double_t Longitude, Double_t UT1Offset = 0) const
Double_t AsLMST(Double_t Longitude, Double_t UT1Offset = 0) const
const char* AsString(Option_t* option = “”) const

In my case it works only AsDouble(), AsJulianDate() and AsString()
Even in the interactive mode, when I push “tab” with TTimesStamp::
only AsDouble AsJulianDate and AsString appear.
Are these very recent additions, or I have something wrong with my root installation.
I tried this on another machine, and got same thing as in my computer.


yes, November 19th 2014