Time dependent resolution model

I would like to fit the time distribution of B0 decays using the RooBDecay
The time has a resolution model which is time dependent.
I can parametrize this dependency using montecarlo with gaussians that have a 2nd order polynomial dependency of the mean and of the sigma with time.
Can I just use
RooFormulaVar sigma(“sigma”,“sigma”,"@1 + @2*@0 + @3*@0*@0", RooArgList(*t,p0_sigma,p1_sigma,p2_sigma));
RooFormulaVar mean(“mean”,“mean”,"@1 + @2
@0+ @3
@0", RooArgList(*t,*p0_mean,*p1_mean,*p2_mean));
RooGaussModel resolution(“resolution”,“resolution”,*t,mean,sigma);

(where p0, p1, p2 are parameters )


RooAbsPdf *time_pdf_s = new RooBDecay(“time_pdf_s”,"proper time signal pdf ",
*fcoshW, //f0 Cosh Coefficient
*fsinhW, //f1 Sinh Coefficient
*fcosW, //f2 Cos Coefficient
*fsinW, //f3 Sin Coefficient
resolution,//resolution model

Analysing MC, should I parametrize the resolution as a function of the true propertime or of the reconstructed one ?