TIFF support in TImage class - or lack there of

I’m trying to use TImage or TASImage class to read in a .tiff file. Don’t work. I’ve seen some post saying that one needs to convert .tiff to .gif or .jpg but there is some loss in image quality when converting to .gif. When converting to .jpg, I get an error that I don’t have the right jpg library, something to the effect that I have library 60 and it’s expecting library 80. Anyway, is there some underlying reason by .tiff is not supported? or is it just lack of coders needed to implement the support?


There is a similar discussion here:

Thanks, I fixed the problem. I rebuilt root turning off the use of the builtin afterimage library and downloaded and installed the Fedora libAfterImage package. After rebuilding root, it all works! I can open and work with .tif files directly. Thanks for guiding me to the solution.