I have question to the picture-format “tif”. How can I get access to pictures in this format, especially to the values of the individual pixel? Or is root not be able to work with this format?


Hi Lukas,

I will move your post to ROOT Support because it is not related to ROOT documentation.

Cheers, Ilka

With root you can generate tif files using c1->Print(“c1.tif”) (c1 is a canvas).


I don´t have a problem to generate a tif file. My problem is that I have one picture in the format tif and that I´m not able to get the individual pixel-valus.
I have try it with the methods “GetArgbArray()” and “GetRgbaArray()”. But I only get error messages when I try to work with the arrays I get from these methods.

can you provide more info about errors.

Regards. Valeriy