THStack with char bins


I have some TH1F for which the labels of the bins have been changed to char (using TH1::kCanRebin). When I try to read the histograms and stack them (into a THStack), I don’t get any errors, but only the first bin has the corresponding entries. The rest of the bins are empty (they do have the correct labels, though)

All the TH1F have the same bins (with same char names). Is there a way I can avoid this “problem”? Maybe I’m missing something in the declaration of THStack that will allow me to use TH1F with char bins.

Thanks in advance,

Cheers, Arely Cortes

PD: These are roughly the lines I use: (the TH1F are saved in independent root files)

//To fill the TH1F:
TH1F *Acceptance_Trk = new TH1F("Acceptance_Trk", "Tracks Acceptance", 9, -0.5, 8.5);
Acceptance_Trk       ->SetBit(TH1F::kCanRebin);
string tmp=0:all_trk;
const char* tmp_char = tmp.c_str();
Acceptance_Trk ->Fill (tmp_char, 1.);
Acceptance_Trk       ->Write();

//To read and stack:
THStack *AccepTrk_stack = new THStack("AccepTrk_stack", "Acceptance of Track Selection Cuts.");

///Inside a loop over the root files
TH1F *AccepTrk = new TH1F(*((TH1F*)File_tmp->Get("Acceptance_Trk")));
///Done with the loop over Root files


It would be helpful if you could send a small running example reproducing your problem. (I get errors with what you sent)