THStack problem with 5.15/04

I’m failed to run $ROOTSYS/tutorials/hist/hstack.C with ROOT 5.15/04 while the same script works fine with ROOT 5.12. I get the following error message:

I think the problem is in the line hs->Draw() with empty parameter. Everything works fine if I put “nostack” there.

gcc version 3.2.2
linux RH9


We fixed this problem in CVS a few hours ago :slight_smile:


Does that mean that the downloadable versions
(I mean pre-compiled) are corrupted ?

Indeed, with the binary for the development release 5.15/04, you can not draw a THStack.


This may be a stupid question, but is the source for 5.15/04 that I download and compile, as linked from the front page free of any problems?

I’m getting some strange features in with my 1D stacked histograms where I have an odd extra feature showing up on my pad when I try to plot stacked histograms since I upgraded to 5.15/04 as shown in the attached plot.

How would I go about downloading a more recent and thus potentially safer version?

Can you send a small macro reproducing the problem ?