THStack not filling histograms with color

Dear all,

I am encountering a very peculiar esthetic issue: I have 8 histograms stacked with a THStack and drawn, each filled with its own color:


I then stack them, and draw them and everything works fine. Then I realized I actually need to weight those histograms when filling them:

histo1->Fill(variable, weight1);

And now, with weighted histos, the stack only draws the histograms line and not the “interior”. How can I solve this?

More information: I tried to wieght the histograms with weight=1, and it then plots them properly, with the plain color inside each histo. I also tried to do histo->Sumw2() but when I do this, it never draws the plain color, even if the weight is =1 or if there are no weights.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Can you provide a small script reproducing this problem ?

Here is a working script. The bool variable “weights” decides whether weights are applied or not on the histograms. You see immediately the difference on the plot.debug.C (5.9 KB)



Explanation here.

It worked, thanks a lot!

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