The Histogram is printed Upside down

ROOT Version: 6.14
Platform: Ubuntu 16.04
Compiler: GCC 5.4

I have compiled this code Example1.C (3.0 KB) without any error or warning. But when I am running the executable file with a rootfile input, the histogram gram is being printed upside down like this

Can anyone please help me out to figure out what the problem is and how to resolve it?
Thank you.

Your program cannot be run because of many include files missing. Looking at it there is no obvious reason why the output is upside down. I see you do Print(0 without any file name. So you are generating a PS file ? can you post it ?

My program ran well. While I am printing it without any file name, its generating a ps file, which I can not upload here because .ps files can not be uploaded here. But when i am printing it with a name like MT.png, it printed correctly.

Thank you for your help. :grinning:

In general a PostScript file is a text file (so you can rename it into “.txt”). Try to post here the file created by:

gzip -9 -S .txt.gz # creates

or by:

tar -zcf # creates

Yes that’s may be the simplest solution… Looking at the image you posted the corresponding PS should be very big.

In principal you should be able now to post ps files with the ps extension.
The forum settings have been changed by @Axel in order to allow it.

Yes, I can upload ps file now. This is the ps file, I was getting (13.7 KB)

I downloaded on my mac. It shows correctly … which PS viewer are you using ?

I was using Document Viewer available in ubuntu

Assuming that it’s “Okular (Document Viewer)”, open (display) your “.ps” file and then try to click “main menu” -> “View” -> “Orientation” -> “Original Orientation”.

I think this is not Okular. Anyway I changed the orientation and it looks like this

Try to play with another options … in “Okular”, I have:
“main menu” -> “View” -> “Fit Page” or “Auto Fit”
“main menu” -> “View” -> “View Mode” -> “Single Page”, …, “Overview”
“main menu” -> “View” -> “Trim Margins”

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