TH2F with asymm errors / TGraph2DAsymmErrors


I see in the Ref Manual that there is a possibility to ask the asymm errors of a TH2F: GetBinErrorLow and GetBinErrorUp, but there is no way to set these uncertainties. Could it be added? I ll use it then to display my asymmetric uncertainties on 2D Graphs, since TGraph2DAsymmErrors does not exist (unless there are plans in this direction to make this class).

Recently, I have also been in need to TGraph2DAsymmErrors, but I can’t find a response to this message. I did grep the root source and did not find it.



That’s true, asymmetric errors do not exist for TGraph2D. We only have symmetric errors for now.

This PR implements this new class. It will be soon available in ROOT master.

The PR in now merged.