TH2F : draw two hits with "text, same" options without text overlap

i want to draw two TH2F histograms on the same canvas with the text option. By default, the text is centre aligned, so the text gets overlapped.

h1 and h2 are TH2F histograms, then:

The text gets overlapped since it is centre aligned.
Might be stupid but i can’t find the option to left or right adjust the text with the bin count. Someone maybe knows the solution? Thanks.

What you can do is listed here: … .html#HP15

it is not possible to change the alignment or the text position in a bin

You can [url= shift the X and/or Y axis of your second histogram[/url] by something like 1/2 of the corresponding bin width.

Yes several trick can be done, an other one is to make the 2nd plot in a transparent pad plotted on top and shifted a bit …