TH2::ShowProjectionY seems to reuse the same canvas irrespectively of the fact that I invoked it for 2-nd histogram and that 2nd canvas has been created automacilly. So, I have two 2D histograms and when I roll mouse over bins in one or another projection is updated in the same “projection” canvas. Couldn’t it remember which histogram it is invoked from and where to draw projections ?

THistPainter::ShowProjectionY reuse the extra canvas if it exits. When you want to restart a new projection you should close the extra canvas.

I figured this one out al right :smiley:

Real question is:

if this behaviour is by desing, then why is extra “extra canvas” created at all ?

Either use 2nd extra canvas - or don’t create it all - would be my guess.

Hi Khamit,

What you request makes sense. Now implemented in CVS


thank you