TH2 contructor for arbitrary bins

Just a quick question: In the constructor

TH2F(const char* name, const char* title, Int_t nbinsx, const Double_t* xbins, Int_t nbinsy, const Double_t* ybins) 

I take that xbins and ybins is a list of arbitrary bins.

Do I have to keep xbins and ybins in memory after the construction?
Judging from fact, that this is const pointer I take it, that after running this constructor I can deallocate xbins and ybins, but as this is never written specificly and I’am a bit paranoid about pointers I would like to check.


This is the constructor for the no-equidistant bins.
The vectors you give are not “a list of arbitrary bins” but they define the lower and upper limits of each bins.
So, yes, you do not need to keep them.