TH2 COL: filling in empty bins with previous bin value

I have a data set that only tells me when a state has changed, I would like to plot
the state vs time for several different data set. So I decided to use a TH2 with COLZ.
I fill using: for(i=0;(channel->GetEntry(i));i++) Fill(channel->time,channel->barrelname,channel->hvstate);
But the spaces between point are blank.
Is there an option color the bins in between?

Empty bins are not drawn with option COL is that what you mean ? they all have the same content; “0” so define the pad background color and you wish and they will not be blank any more.

No, what I want is colored ranges instead of colored points. The problem is that the bins are actially empty. I know I can just fill them in, but I thought there might be an option or a type of graph that did this efficently since the TH2 has many many bins.

can you send a small example reproducing your problem ?